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Game Editor 1.4

Game Editor Pro is a game creator that lets you create small 2D games easily

Game Editor Pro is a game creator / editor. It can be used to create old-style games, like Mario, Dave or Pitfall, etc. It is not a professional game creator or multimedia tool. It is a small application. Anyone can create a small game easily.

But there are a lot of settings you need to set, when creating a game. Each character or object in the game can be customized in a lot of ways. This software presents us with a collection of presets or game samples and more can be downloaded from its website. We can drag and drop our Mario (or any character) anywhere. All that we have to do is add obstacles like water, walls, snakes, dragons, etc. - anything we like.

We can add an "actor" and design it by creating actions for how it will jump, move, etc. All the components have a special area (or box or wireframe) in which it is enclosed. We can add animation importing it from a file that we have already designed (with other software, maybe like Flash).

The program supports some formats that it can export to - like the usual Windows EXE, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Linux, etc. Well, the program is very easy to learn and use, and you can create a small 2D game without much effort.

Zack Martin
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  • Can export to Windows, Linux executables
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Small program


  • Few features
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